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Top Factors To Prioritize When Hiring a Green Card Lawyer

Green card and immigration laws vary from one state to another. You may find yourself on the wrong side of the law, either knowingly or otherwise. Perhaps you have overstayed or there is some technicality and authorities are on your neck. Do not panic because you will have a chance to present and defend yourself mostly in a court of law. Clearly, you may not have the right knowledge to handle your own case; hence the need to hire a green card lawyer. Well, if you have never been in such situations, you may not know how to identify the right attorney. Besides, with the vast number of lawyers, you are likely to have a daunting task. You need to pay attention to every detail even before you send an email or make a phone call to any law firm. The article herein breaks down the process of hiring a green card lawyer and explains certain bottlenecks you can enocunters as well as how to avoid falling into the wrong hands.

First, you should gather adequate information about a particular law firm before you decide to schedule consultation. You should not forget that there are unscrupulous business people who do not even have known offices. Once you have identified one or a couple of law firms, find time to schedule an interpersonal meeting so you can familiarize yourself with a number of aspects. It would be ideal to search locally. Hiring a local lawyer has a lot of benefits which you should not ignore. For example, you can be sure that they understand the local laws and can present a strong defense. Pay attention to communication. Remember that the case can become complicated and you may not understand the direction it is taking. An ideal lawyer should explain to you what the litigation process entails and your right.

What about the level of experience? Ensure that you pick someone with adequate knowledge and skills in handling similar cases. One of the ways to ascertain the level of experience is by researching the number of years they have been handling these cases. Besides, find out their success rate. With adequate experience, you can rest assured that they have what it takes to handle the case professionally.

The other factor you should put into consideration is availability. Depending on the duration the case will take, you may want to visit your lawyer often to discuss a few things. Therefore, check out how easy or hard it is to meet them. Some lawyers are too busy to meet their clients. They assign their assistants and secretaries all the appointments. This means they may not pay adequate attention to your case. Lastly, you should know how much they charge for consultation and other services. While you want a lawyer with favorable rates, you should not forget about the quality of their services. If you follow the guidelines above, you will have an easy time picking the right green card lawyer even if you have never sought these services before.

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